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Personal Statement


I define myself as an orchestra conductor who believes resolutely in the fundamental value of the arts and culture, acknowledging its significant impact in the quality of life and economy in our contemporary society.  Therefore, I am someone who passionately advocates that orchestras are among our civilization’s most important cultural resources. All around the world where we find these institutions we perceive their artistic and educational contribution to the regions that they serve. Through their diverse activities, orchestras promote understanding of other cultures, foster pride in their communities, contribute to the development of children and provide their audiences a lifelong learning opportunity. As a conductor I feel that my chosen profession is important because through it I can help to enrich society communicating the meaning and value of music as well as the role of music in life.


Inspired by an extraordinary and visionary leader, Dr. José Antonio Abreu, I recognize that an orchestra is much more than just an artistic structure or a cultural organization. The orchestra can be used as an example and a school of social life and music as agent of social change. Therefore I strongly endorse the principles of this amazing global movement that transforms and empowers the lives of children and young people through music, mentorship and opportunities. As a follower of Dr. Abreu, I believe that orchestras, choirs and symphonic bands are important tools to integrate young people in a social life based upon solidarity, as well as being an instrument promoting personal fulfilment to create good citizens and a more tolerant and just society. This is a task for eternity. I would like to dream of a world where in every village, town or neighbourhood would have their own children and youth orchestra, band and choir. Going after this dream is to start a search for a higher civilization.


            “Education being the synthesis of wisdom and knowledge,

it's the means to strive for a more perfect, more aware

more noble and more just society.”

Dr. José Antonio Abreu


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